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Get ready to have your mind blown! With hard basslines, detuned synths, heavy filter modulations, complete drum kits and crazy pitch risers, this pack has everything you need to produce your next Future Bass, Post-Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Trap, or Garage House banger! With this collection of dance sounds from around the world, you'll be all set to make the next chart topper that will dominate dancefloors! Happy New Year! Using the latest in deep learning and AI, our platform brings the most sophisticated video and analytics sports technology to every athlete in the world.

Due to overwhelming demand, we have extended our Christmas Sale until .. All Nexus2 license owners can download this update from their Downloads page. Performance shift indicator. • Performance-tuned suspension. • Quadra-Trac® active on-demand transfer case. • Second-row Fold-and-Tumble captain's chairs. SBS, Quadra 1, Bloco J, Ed. BNDES, 13º andar. Brasília country. A structured demand for small producers affords greater security to the production.

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The ability to give athletes meaningful and instantaneous feedback allows for immediate and long-term improvement. PlaySight allows us to make real-time corrections through video analytics both individually and as a team. With the PlaySight app, you can review and share your sports video and data from any mobile device or tablet.

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Visit the media center. Become a developer. Join our community of over 13, developers and learn how to work with Refinitiv data. Join the community. Become a partner. Our partners. Join the network. Due to overwhelming demand, we have extended our Christmas Sale until January 13th Slip your next chart topper into something more colorful with these warm marimbas, shiny bells, smooth analog basslines, rich organs, festive steel drums, harp-like plucks, clear pianos, beautiful flutes, glide-voice leads, and sunny drums.

Manuel Schleis and Alex Butcher spent more than one year crafting and capturing this huge arsenal of orchestral, acoustic and rare drum recordings with the best recording gear available.

The Hollywood Percussion Loops expansion delivers magic and cinematic power that will bring all of your music to life! The loops are all available in 95, and bpm versions, so they will fit into any sub genre.

Ultimate List of Free Massive Presets

A huge selection of one-shots will help you punch up any track. In addition to ultra low kicks, snaps, claps, strong snares, FX, risers and fine cymbals, there are several live-recorded instruments including acoustic percussion, saxophones and guitars. With this collection of dance sounds from around the world, you'll be all set to make the next chart topper that will dominate dancefloors!

The Future Bass expansion packs a punch of new presets that shred and pulse so hard your next Future House track may destroy the charts.

With hard basslines, detuned synths, heavy filter modulations, complete drum kits and crazy pitch risers, this pack has everything you need to produce your next Future Bass, Post-Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Trap, or Garage House banger!

Deep House 2 delivers simple but powerful drums, glassy marimbas, sharp FM basses, funky organs, dark chords, pulsating pads, and a wide variety of natural, acoustic sounds from classic instruments including saxophones, pianos and guitars. Nexus2 version 2. This update contains various fixes and improvements. For a list of changes, go here. All Nexus2 license owners can download this update from their Downloads page.

PlaySight - Video Analysis and Automatic Production Sports Technology Platform

With presets of crazy, pitch-bending arpeggios, deep basses, complex drums, screaming risers, fat chords, pianos, bells, and wobbling, moving synths, this expansion pack will wreak havoc on any hip hop, trap or twerk track.

With this stunning Nexus Expansion, he opens his fantastic library of bangin' electro tools for you to use. Enjoy of the best clubsounds you will ever encounter. Busting with house-meets-reggaeton sounds that will win over any Bigroom club, this pack features fat basslines, ravey synths, pitched vocal-sounds, endless buildups, and the hottest quintessential Moombahton beats.

As Deep House, Tropical House, and Future House flood major clubs and radio charts worldwide, this samplepack comes just in time to help you catch the wave.

All drum loops are available in three different BPMs , and , and all tonal sounds, including kicks, are labeled by key. Whether you're making futuristic House music or Synth Pop, the FM 2 expansion pack will deliver both totally unique and nostalgic sounds that cut through the mix and add a touch of brilliance. Get ready to go back to the future with crystal bells and pianos, sharp leads, thumping basses, and silky pads!

Trance Leads 2 delivers the most polished and professional lead sounds for Progressive and Melodic Trance hooks. This pack of ingenious sounds is jam-packed with unique and outstanding basslines and lead basses ideal not only for Future House enthusiasts but also for any EDM, Deep House, Trance, or Dub producer. Brace yourself for an outstanding mix of deep, aggressive, wobbly, dirty, cutting, crunchy, metallic, groovy, round, and laid-back Future House sounds - and get ready to make the music of tomorrow!

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The expansion pack with more than 4, premium Hollywood sound effects! This one is jam-packed with every sound effect imaginable and is perfect for use in music, trailers, web videos, and as foley FX for movies! Claim a piece of analog heaven with the Nexus Analog 2 expansion, featuring real hardware samples of the most iconic synths from the past century:.

Tonal kick multi-samples, exciting rising and falling effects, huge snares, tight claps, big synths, booming basses, snappy percussion, rich fills and, of course, many wonderfully crafted loops without drums that can add dimension to any mix. This expansion pack offers a live wire of of the hottest new sounds in electro house. These electrifying leads, huge basses, driving beats and twirling arpeggios are sure to become the secret weapon behind your next bangers!

Get ready for the next chapter in modern Dance and Pop history: This colorful samplepack is exploding with glorious synths, never-ending sweeps and risers, perfectly detailed loops and tuned drums, offering everything you need to create a big mainstream radio, EDM chart or club hit!

Jump in and explore a new world of real, recorded instruments, including big, live analog drums, world-class trumpet loops and tight vocals. This is an all-in-one production kit for modern music that will make history! The Tropical House expansion pack features a rainbow of marimbas, guitars, flutes and pianos, as well as sunny steelpans, groovy saxophones, vibrant basses and deep house beats.

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but it has been 15 years since reFX first saw the light of day. What started as a one-man project in his spare time, has turned into a full-fledged business dedicated to delivering the best sounds and the best synths to all musicians and producers in the entire solar system!

To celebrate this very special landmark, we are having a piece of cake for lunch. After all, we are adults and allowed to skip 'real' food for cake! And as a big 'Thank You' to all our customers, Christmas Sale pricing will be in effect until the end of this week January 24th, Have fun - here's to the next 15 years! This time Bodybangers, Cologne's renowned house artist, opens its well-kept sound archives to share of its secret EDM basses, leads, arps, FX, pads, and plucks with you!

Get ready for the hottest, most bangin' EDM sounds you've ever heard! Stratosphere 3 has landed. Get ready for breathtaking synth leads, lush pads, crisp analog basslines, and epic arpeggios, as well as inspiring sequences, guitars, pianos, drums, plucks, effects - and much more! Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Vol. With more than 4, wav files and 4. Manuel Schleis and Manuel Reuter spent years developing VEC5, proving once again that they are among the best in the business.

Every drum, effect, synth and loop has been carefully crafted with unbelievable attention to detail and pristine audio quality. In addition to its future-forward club sounds for EDM, and hip-hop chart-toppers, the pack also features many studio recordings of professional instrumentalists - everything from guitar and saxophone riffs to real, acoustic drums.

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A samplepack of this size and quality is one-of-a-kind. Electronic Dance Music is back with a Vengeance! Join the big leagues of modern club music production with these fat beats, epic melody breaks, never-ending risers, and brutal drops. EDM3 is here - and it's here to stay. These are the sounds that fill huge arenas.

Swedish House ushers in a new era with fresh sounds to get the party started: These trendsetting sounds are sure to make your next masterpiece stadium-worthy!

Created by German music producer and DJ Alan Morris, Volume 2 brings you arena trance sounds that will make your productions gigantic and unique. Journey into an inspiring world of the finest, fattest, deepest, and widest trance sounds - all in a single expansion pack! You can listen to a demo track for this new expansion on Vimeo , and on Soundcloud.

Essential Dubstep 3 is here, and it's harder and nastier than ever! Packed with 2, samples of pure evil genius and dirty madness, this samplepack is full of devastating synths, thundering drums, wobbling infernos, screaming effects, and multi-loops in three different bpms - , and - all precisely cut and delivered in pristine, industry-leading audio. This samplepack is available for purchase on the Vengeance 'Samples' page. Hardcore lives! Destroy with this expansion pack that comes directly from the renowned label Hardcore Italia and its famous artists.

Bring down the house with the House 3 expansion pack! Explore presets of the hottest new sounds in disco house, wild complextro, sexy funky house, filtered French house, and melodic classic house. Outstanding production is mixed with a future-forward spin that bounces the groovy sounds of the '70s into ! Party on! The new Apres Ski 2 expansion is here, and it's jam packed with presets of day-to-night sounds for party producers everywhere.

Whether you need a feel-good jam for a winter holiday or a summer carnival, just drop these fresh arpeggios, leads, drums, basses, guitars, and effects into the mix, and fire up the good times!

The third wave of real Hollywood instruments is here! After two years of recording and editing these lush, cinematic sounds, this expansion pack is ready for stardom. With the new 2. Get ready to have your mind blown! You can check out the demo track for "Hollywood 3" on Vimeo , and on Soundcloud. For a list of changes, check out our What's New document.

The second chapter in EDM history is here: This pack offers more than of the newest and freshest electronic dance music sounds. Lose yourself in an electric warehouse of deep basses, monster kicks, distorted leads, bending vocals, festival plucks, bouncing arpeggios, uplifting effects, and super wide pads. This pack is sure to become your new favorite tool for creating the dance music of the future!

Roll out the red carpet: The long-awaited successor to our Hollywood Synth Edition! Volume 2 is loaded with brand new Hollywood-worthy synths, action film and trailer sounds, beautiful piano atmospheres, complex drumloops, moving basslines, epic pads and leads, and energy-packed arpeggios and sequences. This expansion will add a touch of blockbuster movie magic to all of your productions!

Introducing a new expansion pack brand from Nexus!


Chillout Lounge is devoted to an endless exploration of the deepest and most mesmerizing sounds you've ever heard. This pack offers presets of emotional synths, mood-alerting pads, mellow arps and basslines, soothing bells, wide fx, and inspiring textures. Get ready to float off into a land filled with beauty, bliss and infinite creativity! Dive into 2, samples of live-played saxophone riffs, lovely guitar strums and licks, powerful synth chords, ultra low basslines, subterranean drums, crisp percussion, and thrilling effects.

All instruments are played live, by professional musicians. All tonal sounds are labeled by key.


And all drumloops are available at , and bpm. Welcome to Deep House heaven! Explore the world of real, analog drums! This pack contains nearly 4, drum samples, 64 drum kits and 64 drum loops from every modern genre.

Each drum kit contains 61 sounds mapped to your keyboard and ready to go. This expansion is available for purchase on the Nexus2 'expansions' page. Our Christmas Sale is still going strong, so we're keeping it going! We've extended our Christmas Sale pricing until January 21st, so check out the great discounts! We will be phasing out physical shipments for Nexus2 in the near future. Currently, shipments include only a USB eLicenser and all installation files are provided via download.

After this, anyone purchasing a Nexus2 license will be responsible for providing a USB eLicenser of their own for storing the Nexus2 license.

We've extended our Christmas Sale pricing until January 14th, so check out the great discounts! Happy New Year! Due to overwhelming demand, we've extended Christmas Sale prices for another week until January 7th.

More mesmerizing trance sounds are on the horizon with 7 Skies 2! This new pack from renowned trance artist 7 Skies gives tranceheads all of the screaming leads, wide pads and epic arpeggios they need for their next club smasher. Get ready for authentic trance presets that are sure to inspire any progressive, epic or electronic trance track.

You know you want it. Don't forget that our Christmas Sale is still going on! We're offering discounts on everything on reFX. Check out all the great deals on our 'Products' page!


Laid-back, minimal beats, deep basslines, chilling nature sounds and melodic pads: