NET Framework Version or higher, you can download it here. ProgDVB (full install) last version using ProgDVB Engine 1.x. ProgDVB (full. Download free old versions of ProgDVB / ProgTV. Direct download links. Download Elecard AVC PlugIn for ProgDVB free. A small plugin Elecard AVC PlugIn for ProgDVB , October 01,

Nom: PROGDVB 4.85
Format: Fichier D’archive
Version: Nouvelle
Licence: Usage personnel seulement (acheter plus tard!)
Système d’exploitation: iOS. Windows XP/7/10. MacOS. Android.
Taille: 59.21 Megabytes


Dec 25, Many important improvements. Many small fixs in engine. Feb 9, Download s: Support for various types of data sources: May 27, Important fixes. Mar 23, Update elecard edition codecs. Support of Multi-stream transponders and hardware blindscanner.

Tahatek Download Center» DVB-S Players» ProgDVB» ProgDVB Elecard Edition» Report Broken Link. Report Broken Link. You may use this form to. NET Framework Version or higher, you can download it here Prog DVB Engine 1.x. ProgDVB (full install). last version with Prog DVB Engine 1.x. الإصدار الجديد للبرنامج ProgDVB Full - الكاتب: fc_chelsea ProgDVB - the best software for watching digital TV and listen to radio channels. Supports DVB-S (satellite), DVB-S2, DVB-C (cable), Download: ( KB) Rapidshare.

Nov 29, Improvement of plugin stability Version 6. Nov 23, Archive supporting over timeshift. Some small improvements.

Fix switching audio streams, HLS, proxy, … Version 6. Nov 2, Support of Rodina TV. Oct 11, Fixes. Sep 30, Fixes. Aug 24, Many fixes. Aug 21, Important fix of video type detection. Estonian localization from LiivaneLord. Jul 26, Important fix of video type detection. Jul 21, Internal changes and fixes.

ProgDVB -> Version History

Updated Ukrainian localization. Jun 22, Fixes. May 15, Fixes. May 6, Opportunity for setup duration, rename, and final action for recordings. Scheduler with support of record of several channels at the same time. Apr 23, Important internal improves h. Snap to desktop border Version 6. Apr 8, Physical Layer Scrambling supporting.

Fixes IPTV scanner, mosaic, Mar 31, Prog Media Server 4. For example VLC. Some players in Android and iOS must working with server also. Mar 23, Fixes AAC, m3u import, epg, channel numbers, Mar 16, Fixes.

Compatibility with Microsoft and some other AAC codecs is improved. Fixed incompatibility with Microsoft mpeg2 codec after KB Many other fixes. Feb 19, Opportunity to recording of more than one clip at the same time from one channel in the scheduler. New tables, easy setup process, etc. Jan 23, Changes in installer and activation for better support UAC and not admin users.

Update Polish localization Thanks to Marcin Paczkowski! Jan 17, Fixes. Many small fixes. Dec 22, Possibility to add additional video the filter SVP, deinterlace Small controls hint on F1 key in ProgTV.

Dec 13, New parent control realization. Information about playback file in ProgTV. Dec 5, Updated German localization. Important fixes of TV Sources dialog and signal level.

Dec 1, Many small fixes m3u, interface, RC, scheduler, Nov 24, Fixes. It works in same direcotry with ProgDVB and use same configs and data. Request full. Net 4. Nov 11, Fixes. Nov 3, Remake of Options dialog structure. Many new settings for example for controls page. New dialog for edit channels lists. Improve Windows 8 x64 support. Update some modules.

Internal changes for ProgTV. Oct 6, Fixes Version 6.

Sep 12, Fixes. Sep 8, Fixes. Sep 3, Fixes. Aug 27, Important fix of some channels playback and OSD resolution. Aug 26, Redesign of video panels. New classic PIP layout, improve mosaic and background record functions. Aug 10, Redesign of timeshift buffer. Now possible setup mbytes memory buffer in ProgDVB x Aug 4, Improve plugins supporting for more stability and PIP.

Small changes of scheduler UI. UI and Engine fixes Version 6. Jul 31, Improvement Windows 8 support, installer and Ukrainian localization. Jul 28, Improvement Windows 8 support, installer and Ukrainian localization. Improve record and refresh signal functions. Jul 14, Options for Snapshot function. Jul 7, Add support of Diseqc Multiswitch. Fix NET 2. Jul 1, Fixes.

Jun 17, Fixes. Jun 2, Small interface fixes. May 29, Fixes. May 26, Improvement of startup time.


May 12, Fixes. Apr 29, Fixes. Ukrainian localization from Grey Talon Version 6. Thanks to Sultan! Mar 12, Updated TBS modules. Feb 26, Persian Farsi localization. Thanks to Amin Velayati. Updated Polish, protection and other small improvements. Feb 18, fixes. Feb 8, Fixes Version 6.

Thanks to Sultan No new functions, but improve speed and stability. Small pictures of TV in timeshift control and some other important improvements. Dec 21, Fixes Version 6. Dec 10, Fixes Version 6. Dec 3, Fixes Version 6. New Input traffic statistic dialog. New About Me Dialog.

Templates for names of record files and screenshorts. New Favorite list model. Now possible mark channel in context menu. Some other changes. Nov 19, fixes. Prog Demultiplexor and Prog Audio renderer in default settings. Nov 12, Fixes Version 6. Nov 5, fixes and internal changes. Nov 1, Temporarily disabled new custom renderers.

Some internal changes and fixes in Engine. Oct 23, Fixes. Oct 22, Fixes. Oct 18, Fixes of mpg recording and plugins of 6. Restarting ProgDVB after crash. Oct 15, Lots of internal changes, fixes, and optimization of Engine. Removed dead links from Internet TV list. Oct 1, Fixes of AAC, network modules and common stability.

Sep 24, Fixes. Changes in module API. Lot of fixes and optimizations. Sep 11, Fixes of positioner Version 6. Remake XmlTV channel relations. Support more one source of IPTV channels. Possibility to change icon in properties of the channel. Aug 27, Fixes. Aug 22, Update of network modules.


Improve Prog Demux and other fixes. Aug 13, Improve of multi-channel playback. You can back to old channel without lost of timeshift. Support of Multi-stream transponders and hardware blindscanner. New settings and lot of fixes. New Splash window. Aug 5, Fixes Version 6. Updated protection and Hungarian. Jul 1, Fixes of scanner, timeshift, CI, Added Polish localization by Wysylanie Wiadomosci.

Jun 11, Fixes Version 6. Jun 3, Update German localization. Important fixes. May 27, Important fixes. May 23, Adjustment for speed of switching of channels. Lot of fixes: ArcSoft codecs, Polish codepage, recording, May 15, Fixes in Engine. May 9, Important fixes. Total altered architecture for more stability and flexibility. But no new important functions in this version. Apr 9, Fixes. Apr 2, Internal changes and optimization in Engine. Mar 26, Auto detect and cut black bars of video picture in custom renders.

Detect encrypted channels in scanning time. Quite slow in this version. Added Most Popular properties dialog. Mar 12, Support of Hauppauge RC, new style of channel list for show satellite positions,fixes. Mar 10, Important fixes in CI and async. Mar 5, Small fixes. Feb 27, Short Manual, improve TimeShift on disk and subtitles buffers. Feb 19, Fixes. Not modal user dialogs EPG, Teletext, channel properties,….

New power Teletext dialog. Export to html. New AGC algorithm. New logic in OSD channel list. WinLicenes protection for x64 version. Request update your key on reg2. Some small fixes and changes. Feb 5, Fixes. Support of Digital Devices and Gotview. Changes in BDA module include support for Gotview. Jan 24, Internal changes in OSD processing.

Improve of bitmap subtitles. Jan 16, Fixes. Jan 12, Small changes in Main form and Graph building. Dec 25, Fixes Version 6. Dec 18, Fixes. Fixs in BDA and Teletext parts. Dec 5, Fixes in BDA module and interface. Thanks SASH for first version! Nov 13, Tuning on BDA module and scanner. Update Hungarian localization.

Nov 7, Simple Transponder editor. Update BDA module,Italian localization. Oct 23, Optimization or OSD speed. Oct 16, Fix Terristeral and Cable transponder base. IPTV base added. Oct 9, Internal changes. Oct 5, Some important fixes. Oct 1, New API for modules. Aug 29, fix IPTV scanner. Aug 28, Added Italian interface, fixes. Aug 22, Version 6. Aug 19, Mosaic fast preview. Aug 7, Digital Signature.

Update TBS module and some small fixes. Jul 18, Fixes Version 6. Jul 3, Reminder.


Some fixes and changes in scheduler. Jun 22, Fixes Version 6. Jun 19, New buttons in ToolBar and some regroup of settings.

Remake list of channels in EPG dialog. Jun 14, Version 6. Support Dual Tuner devices which cannot use both tuners simultaneously. Jun 5, New architecture of the channels list.

Now there is no division on dynamic and favorites the list. Fixes KWorld and background recording Version 6. May 29, Basic support of 3DTV.

In this version only anaglyph. Omicom diseq support,Small improvements or scheduler and other parts. May 20, Completely the new scheduler with possibility of periodic record on days of week and possibility of work as system service. Support stability mode. Apr 28, Many small fixes and internal changes. Apr 15, Remake Multi-monitor support. Add clone mode for custom renders.

Mar 2, Scan of all positions, fix Prog Media Server and some other. Feb 2, Version 6. Jan 27, Important OSD fix. Jan 24, Lot of small fixes.

Jan 15, Using NIT infomation in scanner. Jan 8, Remake mechanism of time correction in EPG. Record of subtitles in TS format. Dec 31, YouTube support. Now you can search, watch and record YouTube clips. Activation server still not support x64! Editing of common properties selected channels. Dec 21, Version 6. Dec 20, Fixes Version 6. Dec 11, Fixes. Dec 7, Fixes. Dec 6, Changes in channel list format. Nov 27, Fixes and internal changes. Changes in ProgDVB structure of files request update of localizations.

Many fixs. Nov 13, Start use VS Nov 6, Remake of Options dialog and some small fixes. Oct 29, Offline base of satellite channels. Thanks Cheeso for good library. Oct 22, Bug fixes Version 6. Oct 12, PIP for pay channels on Technotrend devices. Improvements of scanner, IPTV, Autoupdate of IPTV m3u file.

Sep 9, Fixes Version 6. Sep 6, Fixes. Include improvement of sync. You can enable "stability mode" for use Engine in separate process. In case of error Engine it will be automatically restarted. I hope you never will see crash in this mode. Aug 23, Internate Gate. New function for access to channels over Internet. For example for watch home TV from other city.

Download ProgDVB and ProgTV

IPTV proxy, some update of interface, fixes Aug 16, Portuguese language is added. It is processed diseqc function. Jul 28, Version 6. Jul 25, Flexible adjustment of subtitles through special dialogue. Jun 28, Fixes Version 6. Jun 23, Total remake of channel list control. New function for quick search of channels. Jun 7, New power OSD dialog for channel list. May 17, Some optimisation and fixes of interface. May 7, High definition OSD mode and skin.

Multiple displays support. Apr 23, Support SVP visualizations. Total remake of Internet Radio. New French localization. Apr 8, Fixes Version 6. Mar 28, Improvement support TBS devices. Mar 12, The great improvement of OSD. Per-pixel transparency, new skin, is more information about channel, Mar 7, One more version with fixes. Feb 24, Fixes Version 6. Feb 18, Version 6. Feb 14, Work with the User Rights and other improvements.

Feb 6, Switching of a sound stream and subtitles by context menu or RC in Professional versions. Some other fixes and improvements.

ISDB-T support. Jan 23, New module for remote controls which works as the keyboard. Prog Media Server 3. Zoom and Ratio parametres independently for each channel. Jan 8, Tuning of PIP function and some important fixes. Jan 2, Completely altered Internet TV module. The large update of list Internet TV channels. Little changes in the interface. Dec 27, Some very important fixes.

Dec 25, Some very important fixes. Dec 13, Accuracy improvement of timeshift buffer and other changes and corrections.. Dec 6, Automatic Gain Control. Synchronisation of subtitles is improved. Nov 29, Lot of small fixes. Nov 4, Fixes Version 6.

Oct 29, Fixes Oct 25, 6. Sleep timer 6. Remake Direct Show options. Removed support of xgr graphs. Improvement support of European codepages. Version 5. Free Aspect ratio.

Oct 4, Updated scheduler and collection of channels logos. Sep 27, Pro: Function for channel record in a background. With minimum use CPU and memories. Fix East European codepage Polsat and some other. Improvement of TS file playback and demultiplexor Version 5.

Sep 13, Closed captioning subtitles support. Update Prog Media Server and client. Update channels logos. Aug 30, Support MS scheduler. Many important fixs and improvements. Aug 23, Remake installer. Many new options. Many other fixs and improvements. New open API for remote control plugin and support. Support Microsoft Remote control. Improvement ratio detection. Now when you open some channels simultaneously can use plugins for each of them. Jul 12, Add support of analog TV.

Jul 5, Update video window control part. Support zoom,non-square pixels, ratio control EPG and some other functions in next versions. Jun 21, Version 5. May 31, Version 5. May 24, Some important fixes and speed optimization. Update DVBWorld module. New format of transponder list. Old format supported also. May 6, Version 5. Apr 16, Update Tevii module and some important fixes.

It can be interesting to hybrid and some analogue cards. Apr 7, Support logos of channels. Mar 25, Version 5. Mar 24, Remake video renders part of Engine. Support EVR Enhanced video renderer. Support of KNC and Satelco cards. Mar 1, Simple parent control function. Update module for Tongshi products. Feb 25, Version 5. Feb 24, is is first bit versions of ProgDVB.

For less CPU using, huge timeshift memory buffer and some other reasons. But current version have some limits. For example have only BDA and network modules client and server. It's now available in free and pro versions. Would not be easy to use by people with only basic computer skills but for competent users this might just be the best free DVB software out there at the moment.

Review by mattstan on Jan 27, Version: WinXP Ease of use: It may be disabled when installing or after installation. Free Trial version available for download and testing with usually a time limit or limited functions. No installation is required. It works on bit and bit Windows. It works only on bit Windows. It works on bit and bit Mac OS. It works only on bit Mac OS. Be careful when you install the software and disable addons that you don't want! It may not contain the latest versions. Our hosted tools are virus and malware scanned with several antivirus programs using www.

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