Never before has it been so easy to receive every piece of vital information you need for safe passage: all you need is Mscan Meteo, an SSB receiver, a simple. Get meteorological information, like weather charts and forecasts, by decoding and visualizing FAX, NAVTEX and RTTY transmissions received with an SSB receiver or radio. Mscan Meteo is a professional software application whose purpose is to help you decode FAX, NAVTEX and RTTY. Download Mscan Meteo for free. Mscan Meteo is a program that combines the ability to decode FAX, NAVTEX and RTTY signals, and to make.

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You can find Hellschreiber transmissions during weekends at You can find details about the group below. You have also a World view, Horizon views, tabular list and a keppler update via your Internet connection. User reviews about Earthquake Scan Review. NOTE - For those interested in the many other modes that aren't covered by our groups, we would recommend a visit to the 'Utility Monitoring Central' website, where you will find links to a great selection of programs.

Mscan will list the IP addresses any attached MetStreams have been given on A Windows® application developed for use with the MetPak Weather Station. A new release of Mscan Meteo Fax now has integrate FAX, NAVTEX and RTTY into a single program called Mscan Meteo Pro and is now available from the. 年8月11日 full Mscan Meteo 32 bit ZippyShare x64 4Shared repack torrent Mscan Meteo file sharing legion official Mscan Meteo czech.

Amalgamated DGPS: DBR Control: It can decode and log the bps serial data RTCM binary in Magnavox-standard 6-of-8 format they produce.

You can download a 21 day demo version from their site, and this will give you the chance to try out this mode, and see if you like it - just follow this link to the download page. There is nothing fancy about this, but it's certainly one of the easiest programs to operate in the NAVTEX mode so may appeal to some users.

You can download the latest copy in Windows, Linux or Mac versions from the link above. This is shareware program, but you can download a fully working demo copy to try it out. One for 'spooks', 'pros' and Lottery winners I think! This is a wonderful little freeware utility program, developed and kindly supplied to us by Tobias Taufer T2 from Germany, and is designed to show the scheduled NAVTEX broadcasts as they come up. This program allows the user to create a window on their desktop which will show stations which are active in 'real time', and also those that are coming up next.

Please note that in this new version 2. Our thanks to Tobias for creating, developing and sharing this fantastic program with us. Please note that due to the amount of time it took to keep the old World NAVTEX Database up to date, and the fact that very few copies were downloaded compared to the NAVTEXview program, it was decided to discontinue the database and just keep this program up to date instead. The relative playback duration is then displayed in the titlebar caption of Foobar, making it possible for NAVTEXvw to read it and continuously calculate the true recording time, provided you remember at what time you have started your recording.

Tobias says that this method may sound a bit difficult, but it's real simple in use and makes offline nighttime DXing possible at any time.

Not freeware, but a 21 day fully working trial version can be downloaded from this link. Works as freeware unless the extra features are required and can be downloaded from this link.

Not quite as user friendly for this mode as some of the other programs, but is well worth taking the trouble to get to know. This is an older version, as the later ones aren't quite as useful for this mode. You can also download a.

IF you have used this software we would be interested in hearing how you found it, and if it would be of use to our group members. WWSU 6. Also very useful for creating your logs, and can be edited to show any notes you wish to make.


This is a most welcome addition for fans of this mode, and what a great name!: YaND Manual v5. Please note that this is a brand new version for , and now covers Windows programs such as Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. This is a 12 page file, of approximately 1.

Earthquake Scan - Download

Anyone still using the Windows XP program for their decoding work, should instead use the original file, which can still be downloaded from the link here: Brian Keyte has provided a comprehensive list of DGPS beacons which users of DSCdecoder can use to replace the basic one that comes with the program, you can download and replace your existing on with this file rename your old file something like 'olddgpsstn.

Martin Francis came up with a useful way of receiving beacons of both bit rates using Skysweeper, find out how in this article. The latest update includes the removal of the entire Japanese DGPS system which appears to have closed in early , and also a big thank you to Tom Jansen of the Netherlands for sending me the updated co-ordinates of a number of the beacons. Any further corrections or updates are always most welcome. This edition was last revised on the 3rd of April - This brand new 3 page document attempts to put together known QSL addresses that have worked in the past, and also to make some suggestions for stations that haven't yet been confirmed.

Any additional information or corrections, particularly e-mail address used for 'e-reports', that could help to make this more accurate and useful to DGPS DXers would be greatly appreciated. You have also a World view, Horizon views, tabular list and a keppler update via your Internet connection.

WXSat for Windows 3. WXSat works with the soundcard input so there is no external sampling hardware required. The program has also a good English documentation. The program is quite small but it comes with the world map so it is about 3. It should work better now.

There is still a known bug regarding fast Pentium computers. You will probably find such TSR programs here. Test users should download the upgrade from v1. WAV files. David has also excellent satellite tracking software called WXtrack.

Gill Software

Hellschreiber, wich becomes worldwide a renewed interest is a very old mode wich was first introduced by Rudolf Hell. The Hellschreiber is an early faximile communication , where only upper case letters were transmitted and received.

This means two things: It simply sends the message in it's own speed and the receiver must do it's best. Hellschript is transmitted with either on or off signal.

One simply connected the transmitter to where the morse key would be. The hellschreiber was invented by Dr.

Rudolf Hell in It was used by the Germans during WW2 and some receivers was built by the British and Americans to intercept enemy communications.


You can find Hellschreiber transmissions during weekends at There is a limited Beat version of Radioraft3 available now. Full version is expected in April. New version of JVComm32 ready for download. Footprint is program which displays the positions of an orbiting satellite and its footprint on a map of the Earth, updating its position and footprint every minute.

Also, the time and date routines have been improved. JVComm Beta 0. For download see Software overview. Just testing the JVComm32 Beta version 0.

EasyDSP software example: Build your own simple HamComm decoder receive-only.

WXDecode v2. SBTSR v0. BTL V1. PSCAN 3. Software wich use the soundcard input, no other hardware required. MRP 37 Morse Decoder. Precision CW. Audio Analyzer. What makes it so special is that in processing the wefax signal, the software compensates for the narrower bandwidth of receivers that typically have a 20 kHz bandwidth for wefax reception. MultiMode for Macintosh new version. For downloading Meteosat Scheduler V2. Pscan V3.

WAVSat V2. Bonnett UK using the Soundcard.