Below you’ll find of the best SummerBoard themes for the iPhone and/or iPod Touch. While trying to find a SummerBoard theme for my iPod Touch I realized how much of a hassle it was to “preview” them. Then launch podkarpacie.info, click Install and scroll down to the Themes. SummerBoard SummerBoard - Adds a variety of useful and fun features to your iPhone, including scrolling icons, wallpaper and themes, Size: KB. iPhone Icons: 40 Icon Sets For Your iPhone – Free Download. iPhone Icons: 40 Icon Sets For Your REDUX SummerBoard. iPhone Icons: 40 Icon Sets For.

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Can I post comments in spanish? Simple Help. We are committed to keeping our content free and independent, which means no paywalls, no sponsored posts, no annoying ad formats or subscription fees. Final Fantasy. Black Vista. Themes can include custom app icons, wallpaper, sounds, etc.

It is possible to download themes for Summerboard or even create one yourself, Click on this source link to find out how to add the themes to your Iphone. you need the iThemes Sky app which is available free of charge. Read on for our full How-To on how to hack your iPhone so you can install applications. Click the download link in the big orange box (and feel free to Summerboard makes your home screen (aka your "SpringBoard"). Themes are pretty much anything that makes your iPhone look visually different from the stock iPhone A lot of the themes on Cydia are free, but some do cost. Both Theme and CodeThemed allow you to download WinterBoard themes, but.

You can also reference this very in-depth walkthrough of DreamBoard for additional information. This video tutorial shows you step-by-step how to download free theme offerings from the DreamStore.


Paid themes are a little more involved because it routes you to an external payment site like PayPal, and then the theme is usually emailed to you upon purchase. Many DreamBoard themes require editing in order to take advantage of or customize certain features i.

The following is a video tutorial that shows you the location where all DreamBoard themes reside, and how to edit themes in general. Some of the newer DreamBoard themes require that you are running the beta version instead of the public version of DreamBoard.

The beta version features new features and additions to the framework, and many new themes are utilizing these features. If you happen to install a particular theme, and you receive a black screen, here are a few tips you can use to work your way out of that dilema.

iPhone Icons: 40 Icon Sets For Your iPhone – Free Download | Icons | Graphic Design Junction

DreamBoard has been updated, and with it comes native keyboard support, app caching, snappier controls, and much, much more. Here is a running list of some of the current themes available for download with DreamBoard. This list will be updated as often as we can review new themes. Again, this is only a partial list, as this is only a small subset of the themes available for DreamBoard.

iCARS, A Star Trek LCARS Summerboard Theme For The iTouch and iPhone

Aero — Make your iPhone look like Windows Vista. BlackBerry OS 6. Gyro HD — A uber-popular panel style theme. N6 HD — Features an awesome spinning cube. Simplicity OS — A simple theme without too much fanfare.

iPhone Icons: 40 Icon Sets For Your iPhone – Free Download

You can pair with a BT headset, but no more. Small issues though. My main beef is the iPod controls. The iPhone controls are OK, but have a very small hit area.

The environment I use my iPod the most is in the car. With the iPhone the process to skip a track is:.


The new 1. Thanks to this tip you can easily create a custom icon for people visiting your site, that works just like your favicon. Also, Drew has come come up with a way of using custom icons. This is the journal of Jon Hicks, one half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign. Take a look at the work we do. The Icon Handbook is the go-to guide for designing icons and pictograms. To download and install any of the themes previewed here, first make sure you have SummerBoard installed.

Then launch Installer.

How to Install and Configure SummerBoard

Locate the theme you want to install, select it and click the Install button in the upper right corner. The theme will then be available to use via SummerBoard. Please note: Click on any of the images to view a full size version of that theme. The sheer size is intimidating. My friend took your side — 3 posts of 50 themes.

Looks like you guys are the majority: I have installed loads of themes onto my iphone summerboard I do not have a clue how to actaully use them. Can you let me know how to use them? I have installed and applied a couple different summerboard themes with no problem. Any ideas why? There are a couple that I would like to get. I am new to this iPhone modification and customization stuff so any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you! I found few that was really good. The one with the photos was very nice. The rest where a little boring or too much. I have the 1.

Also, is Springboard an app and do I need this one too? I would like to change the apprearance of my iphone. Next question…. It goes back to the home screen after a few seconds.

I have boss tools and have moved my fonts and my ringtones. Not game to move my applications yet. Will they still work if I do move them? A friend suggested I free up some disc space. Oh, I also have squid! If this helps in the suggestion of how to get installer going again.

I actually had it work for the first time in ages, so I deleted a heap of stuff, hoping this might do the trick, but as soon as I installed swirly mms and it asked to restart, it wouldnt download anything else and then after restarting it, it wouldnt even load installer again.

So I had installer for all of 10 minutes. And then to get them on my jail broken…or was that just broken iphone…1.

Thanks everyone for your time and patience..