Privoxy is a non-caching web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy, modifying web page Privoxy is Free Software and licensed under the GNU GPLv2. The Privoxy website is also available as Tor onion service. Privoxy is a non-caching web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy, modifying web page data and HTTP headers, controlling access, and removing ads and other obnoxious Internet junk. Privoxy has a flexible configuration and can be customized to suit. Privoxy is a Web Proxy often used hand in hand with Tor and Squid with advanced filtering capabilities in order to protect privacy by blocking surf information (content filtering of Web pages, managing cookies, delete ads, pop -ups, banners). It is published by a group of.

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Any program that can be set to use a proxy can use this. Ad Muncher is not free. Pretty painless to install and set up. I am using the osx intel TBB latest version. It would also take into account users with transparent torification, those with relays etc. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:

Privoxy, free and safe download. latest version: Protect Your Privacy, Filter Your Internet, And More For Free. How to fix problems in Firefox after using Tor. A proxy is only as good as its filter set, so the fact that Privoxy hasn't updated Free The Privoxy Project Windows 95/98/Me/NT//XP Version Full. Privoxy is a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for After trying Privoxy, I downloaded the Vidalia/Tor/Privoxy package and installed.

I imagine also the risk that governments use this type of attack against the network. If misconfiguration is your main concern: If the cost of maintaining several pieces of software is your main concern: It's understandable.

See also https: That said, see also https: We just don't want that to be the default way to use it, or too many people are going to use unsafe configurations and not realize that they're unsafe. I certainly agree with your ideals of growing the network, i vehemently disagree with your method of achieving it.

Forcing users to contribute by removing the option to "run as client only" is nothing short of blackmail. I will not panic at this point in time as i hope you realise the mistake and continue with the option of "run as client only". Sounds like you're misinterpreting Erinn's post as meaning that there will be no easy way to just be a Tor client anymore. There will be: It's designed as exactly that "client only" approach that you describe.

It's the "install Vidalia and Tor onto your hard drive and hope you set up everything else correctly on your own" package that we're discontinuing. I've watched too many people shoot themselves in the foot with trying to set up the rest of it. This answers one of my concerns as well. I use Tor on several different platforms in a few places — and in some places running as a relay is not an option.

I am using the osx intel TBB latest version. I downloaded a few extra add-ons like RefControl, Ghostery etc. When I use the TBB the following day I find my add-ons have been disabled with the words "not compatible" next to its name!! This has happened three times so far. This is a concern giving the impression that one is not anonymous and is being watched.

Who is doing this? Is this not allowed and is automatically disabled by Aurora? Each addon has a list of Firefox versions that it claims to be compatible with.

If Firefox sees an addon that doesn't say it's compatible with that version of Firefox, it tells you that it's incompatible. Sounds like the authors of the addons you have chosen have not updated their addons to declare compatibility with the most recent versions of Firefox. You'd probably get exactly the same behavior if you downloaded vanilla Firefox 7. Tor is dead if you try to force people to route 3rd Party traffic.

This will give the authorities the arguments to outlaw Tor. I imagine it would be necessary a prominent warning on the download page, saying that to set up a non-exit relay, bridge or exit relay is necessary to have open doors at the web connection. In my country all domestic connections have the inbound conections blocked by our ISP by default. I can not configure a service that depends on inbound conections because of this restriction. If I need an inbound conection I will need to make a vpn with a proxy or pay a very expensive conections called "comercial conection".

My friends in Iran are not able to run 3rd party traffic as the government there are able to track them down should they do it. They run a site highlighting Iranian government atrocities and are pushing for democracy in Iran. Thousands of people would be put in extreme risk of their lives if the functon of "run as client only" was removed. Last time i checked, Tor was meant to assist people in preventing government serveillance and giving the oppressed the ability to get the truth out there.

Any other method would place the visitor at great risk. What about all the other people out their trapped in countries ruled by despotic regimes that have no compunction about putting a bullet through your head should you wish to "blog" about their opposition to government actions? Sorry for the long post however i am seriously worried, lives may be lost if the ability to "run as client only" in an easy to use bundle is removed.

We're just trying to make it easier to run Tor safely. That really scares me. To those worried about a "client only" option being removed: Unless you configure it otherwise, of course maybe that should be prevented altogether.

You may have misunderstood the blog post.

Browse Privately.

Though I'm not sure why getting rid of the client-only Vidalia Bundle is necessary or desired. After all, other applications than just the browser may benefit of using Tor, while having it as a vanilla multi-purpose local installation.

I still think providing a separate securely configured Tor Browser to be run on top of any Tor installation, whether a "portable" as in current TBB or a "system", would be the simplest and most versatile solution. This would eliminate the temptation to attempt to configure Firefox with Torbutton by oneself and possibly screw something up. It would also take into account users with transparent torification, those with relays etc. Not being too involved with the development of Tor, though, I don't know how easily the above could be implemented or current designs changed.

Features that rely on the integration of TBB come to mind as possible challenges, such as the recent "New Identity" of Torbutton. Does it need its own Vidalia in between to work? Or ControlPort privileges? Does it matter if it does?


I know, it's probably explained in the bug tracker, can't bother to check right now, just giving an example I am totally confused. I have read the post several times and cannot even understand what the change is.

Please rewrite the blog post in a coherent manner.

Here is a template:. For Linux: A table by distribution, listing the separate tor, privoxy, and even Vidalia options available. We have found that this is causing problems list problems. Therefore, we are discontinuing the items marked in red above.

New table as above, but probably smaller since some options are being taken away. The ramifications are that:. Linux servers: For each distribution, discuss how the package changes will occur and which configurations will no longer be possible. I look forward to a coherent discussion and being able to actually understand what is being done.

Saying that Tor is taking away "plain" vidalia packages is totally incomprehensible to someone running a server on Gentoo, for example.

Plain Vidalia Bundles to be Discontinued (Don't Panic!) | Tor Blog

I do not understand why Tor needs to install a different copy of Firefox in order to work. I am very nervous about letting Tor copy over my Firefox installation which is customized with a number of plug-ins. I do not browse in Tor very often - most of my browsing is done outside of it. Yet I keep my relay running whenever my computer is on.

Now I can't do this? I am concerned about the compromises, although I think Anonymous was right to do what they did. I agree that it does not sound like a "Tor flaw. All Tor says it will do is prevent them from being ID'd to their traffic, from their traffic.

Yet, when Vidalia started up this morning and popped me up a window, the only new version I was offered was the browser bundle. Sorry, but if I had to replace my browser to run Tor, I would never have become part of the Tor network to begin with.

I will continue to run my relay until you shut me down, to help people under censored regimes. But no more versions. The Tor Browser Bundle doesn't install anything. It's a self-contained set of applications. It won't overwrite or mess with anything from your other Firefox install. That said, if you're running a relay, great! Privoxy does take some time to set up, even with the quickstart guide provided by its creators, and it's not as fast as a VPN might be.


Still, if you want to use a proxy server, this is one of the most effective simple solutions out there. Brave blocks unwanted content by default and keeps count. Install now to protect your privacy. Dreaming of an ad-free web?

Browse with Brave. Learn more. View full description. Softonic review Privoxy is an HTTP proxy, meaning that it runs as a 'layer' of sorts between your web browser and the wider Internet.

A Somewhat Safe Choice Privoxy does take some time to set up, even with the quickstart guide provided by its creators, and it's not as fast as a VPN might be. Hamachi Create a safe private network between computers.

Unfortunately, it is not user friendly since it won't magically do everything for you. If your browser supports proxy connections, and you see the little blue Privoxy icon in the system tray, then you need to do some typing to complete the process: You don't need to fill in anything else. Again, everything else is optional. Visit a website and if all went well, there should be an entry in the monitor.

I hope this helps. I tried this software becouse I have windows 98 and there is not much out there for the version. It has no way of accessing the program I can find. Although it was downloaded into my program files I can not find it listed there.

I neither like it nor can I find where it has caused harm. It could be working to some extent but if I don't see the popups I am not aware of I can't know its working.

I still get pop ups so it is not a total fix. Virtually eliminates all ads except text based ones. I love this program because I will never have to see those god-damned talking smilies ever again. Configuration is a tad complicated. If it had a GUI config, would be a bit better. Its free. Its light on the resources. It does the job in filtering advertisements. It is pretty easy to update the filters. Unfortunately the last official update from the developers was from jan, but you can find a filter list from google if you search for Privoxy Action File.

The log in Privoxy is more comprehensible than Ad Muncher's log. The system tray icon is better than Ad Muncher's. Ad Muncher seems to filter more than Privoxy.

Privoxy seems to miss a lot of ads. Ad Muncher does a better job in removal of ads. You will find that Privoxy will leave behind a white box where the advertisement once was, or a checkered box, where as Ad Muncher will leave neither.

Like all ad filters, Privoxy will make your webpages open a little slower due to the filtering process. Ad Muncher on the other hand can go as far as filtering AIM and a bunch of other advertisement-full programs. Read replies 2. Ad Muncher is not free. Free trial and then its like 20 bucks - rather just see ad s then pay not to. Any program that can be set to use a proxy can use this. You have to set it up.

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