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There are still a few AX GC bugs remaining, but overall a lot less games have sound issues than before. A Goddess Reborn. Sorry for that. Project Zoo, allowing it to go in-game. Profiling shows that a lot of CPU time is spent checking if there are any JIT blocks covered by these 32 bytes using std:: Linear interpolation is not as good as polyphase resampling but it still works very well and I couldn't really hear any difference between the two.

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 Télécharger - Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (Pro Evolution Soccer 5) Championship Téléchargerpour Windows. 7 Informer sur le logiciel. FIFA Football series for a long time already reigns supreme in the arena football simulators. However, the last leadership position threatened the game Pro. //podkarpacie.info html .. des-processeurs-intelghz-pourhtml 18T+ podkarpacie.info html podkarpacie.info .html.

This should fix issues introduced by real-wiimote-scanning. Adds support for PE performance metrics. Used in Super Mario Sunshine's "Scrubbing Sirena Beach" level to determine when enough goop has been cleaned up to finish the level. Also used in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect to determine the appearance of flares around light sources e.

OpenGL and D3D11 only. D3D9 support unlikely to be added unless anyone bothers to do the work. Initial work and D3D11 support by me. Kudos go to Billiard for adding the OpenGL support and reviving development of this branch that way: Yell at pauldachz if this doesn't work.

Thanks to Starscream for locating the regression. I blame vim on this typo entirely. Efb to Ram is no longer the default choice. Fixes Inkub WiiWare. Current "sexy X" banner included as part of "Boomy" theme. Edit the tales of symphonia projection hack. All backend TextureCaches now load level 0 in CreateTexture.

This reverts commit cbbacc4fd96eabbea58eb8. The real file was never kept open for longer than a single operation so there was no point in dealing with it in DoState.

Saving the real path in the savestate was also probably a bad idea. Savestates should be a bit more portable now.

Télécharger Emulateur GameCube / Wii : Dolphin v5.0

Kills some warn logs when opening Dolphin. It was often wrong and not rather important. Load and other mipmap related code.

The significant change is what is now line of TextureCacheBase. My other games continue to work. Fix ZComploc option breaking stuff. Fix the ZFreeze option doing nothing. Clean up state transition tables.

Maybe fix an SDL2 problem. This reverts commit fb5b5e8b63cbc75d3eb0b8f33a Fixes Issue Disc scrubbing is tested and works. There is a minor change to how the data is read by using the File:: ReadBytes method instead of directly using fread, but the data read is the same. Also update the pot file once more. For Tales of Symphonia the preset projection hack values eliminate double image on characters and unlike the previous ones they don't cause any issues and they work with all graphic backends the main menu text was missing previously and it didn't work with d3d It is not enabled by default though, you will have to manually select it like before.

Fixed it. Get to work! Thanks j4ck. Works with. Fix a debug build compiler warning. The fix caused the music in Fast - Racing League to play random sounds. This reverts commit r7bf72a6cecbb9cdb13ec3a8f0bda6. This reverts commit 0c1eadfabc8b23feeeacfef18fadf.

You don't need to manually highlight everything anymore. This is needed by one known game, "Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Fixes Violin Paradise. Apparently it breaks more than it fixes. This reverts commit bab9b5d3ce14c5b9cb55bd34dae Fix setting memory cards on playback. Fix saving revision to header. Herpa derp lets open a file while it's still open in another function, and not even check if it fails to load.

Fix an assumption that wii games are using a wiimote. Also make it the be used by default in the software renderer like it was before. Seems I missed part.

Avez-vous lu ceci?TÉLÉCHARGER XMLSPY 2005

Corrected it. DJ Hero controller Fixes issue Shake It, and probably others. Also update the pot file while we are at it. Cuts down on if-statement spam. Also fixed a typo in ConfigMain. They make more sense like this given their names. My bad. This reverts commit cea0f5b0ddfcefb3d This also gets rid of some more typecasts in some cases.

Back to the Future: Fixed SSBB from starting at the mini-games screen. Build fix Corrected a state bug where newly loaded dols did not have their patches applied. Changed the HLE system to allow it to hook the beginning, the end or replace the entire function without changing the GC memory.

Fixes Kirby's Return to Dreamland. Added a way to categorise the type of HLE function. Currently, there are debug, floating point, memory and generic functions.

Fixes the CSI games. Added a switch to disable all of the HLE functions if the idle skipping option is disabled. Added some IOS version checks and code to clear memory before loading the dol. Added support for Reset from menu. Added argument detection and passing to the loaded dol. Doesn't make sense to have the capability of being able to be negative.

Properly clears itself now. Windows users may also need to update their OpenAL drivers by downloading them from http: Made the DPL2 decoder disabled by default. Re-added the audio hack used by the Accurate VBeam emulation option. Added a latency setting to the audio settings. Removed the Sample Rate setting. It is now hardcoded to hz accurate audio timing. Removed the synchronisation between the CPU thread and the audio thread.

Added code to detect and resume from buffer underruns. Disabled the ability to change the DPL2 option after the game has started. Fixed a memory leak that occurred in the DPL2 decoder. Fixed the OSX build. DPL2 audio is decoded to 5. Code adapted from ffdshow. Removed the system timing hack which was activated when the Accurate VBeam option was enabled.

Fixed the include directories in Audio Common for the Windows 32bit build. Fixed the include directories in Audio Common for the Windows build. Messed up the static include line Fix include paths and compiling in Linux. Externals soundtouch is 1. Externals soundtouch is compiled with integer samples, while ubuntu is compiled with float samples. Float samples is probably the more common route. This probably breaks the windows build since its includes aren't setup. Implemented correct audio timing.

OpenAL for Windows initial commit Version 3.


Which in turn allows -TR wiimotes to work in Linux. Please file your complaints appropriately. Not a big deal, but it's good to do it for the sake of maintaining practicalities. Fix issue Expose more register descriptions for FifoPlayer Version 3. Doesn't make sense to have them signed.

Change error strings to be unique so that we can identify unexpected behavior more easily. Dirty Also cleaned it up. As far as I know, that should never be negative. Got rid of some typecasts. Support recording texture preloads Version 3. Implement proper RGBA8 texture loading from tmem. TextureDecoder did not support that previously. Left-shift can be used for gamepad input now. ClearRenderTargets Version 3. Thanks to Lioncash. Clear Version 3. OnBeginSearch a bit Version 3.

This should fix channels not loading from sysmenu anymore. Shader uid maintenance Version 3. Don't disable depth texture emulation if z writing is disabled this is what VideoSoftware is doing. Fix a small mistake. Thanks to limburgerite: Disable OSD hotkeys when the corresponding option is disabled.

We were skipping every other one. This is not the best solution to fix this issue, but at least it does not crash. Changes suggested by nerzhultheking. This will tell the game that you have a force feedback steering wheel connected. Configure the controls: The checkbox is still wrong when starting emulation, but it's now purely cosmetic.

Actually fixes issue Pause emulation while waiting for confirmation to exit. Make sure we are using the interface file to get backbuffer dimensions. GL helper function was duplicated. There are still a few AX GC bugs remaining, but overall a lot less games have sound issues than before. Thanks to everyone who helped test the development builds of this branch and reported results on the forum thread.

Fix a shader compilation error. I'm an idiot: Parlane, I hate you. Fix a potential bug when using custom textures. Make OSD messages fade out properly instead of having them disappear spontaneously.

Also fixed an include not using correct caps. According to: See http: Delete textures completely instead of just invalidating them in ClearRenderTargets. That's what would've been done in the next TCB:: Load call, anyway. Additionally, change efb copies to specify 1 as the number of mipmaps because that makes more sense than anything else. Allow sorting by platform ascending. Should close Makes volume slider work when game isn't running.

Closes It was handled in the wii-network branch in rev c42a6fe2c. Master handles the settings files differently. Until wii-network merges in to master, this closes issue Apparently OSX needs to get with the times.

PES 2015 Télécharger ou gratuit pc

Drop some useless and potentially buggy code. Thanks to glennrics for noticing. Patch by mathieudel. Fix redundant shader constant updates. Thanks to konpie for spotting this. Might give a fairly perceivable speedup in the D3D11 backend. Fixes the flickering textures. Thanks to hk. Fixes Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition. Dolphin code sucks too much to get optimizations. This reverts commit 5a77cae2efa5cbbfefa5f. Thanks to Grant Paul for this quickfix! Thanks abahbob for testing.

Hot Pursuit 2, Mission: Implement texture preloading Version 3. This is set as default I really got frustrated of having to change the type every single time when making tests for GCMM, and I think it makes more sense at user level to just show all saves regardless the format - In icon retrieving I removed the "format check" as it shouldn't really matter to have mixed icon formats.

Also removed the "Time splitters hack" as there's no reason for it since we are only checking the last 3 bits and I'm pretty sure having bits 1 and 2 set is the same as having them unset. With this the base for icon animation is complete. LPFaint99 Version 3. Fixes the high pitched squeal in Muramasa. Removed the fake DMA wait time as it is no longer needed after the aram-dma-fixes branch is merged.

Fixes the non-looping music in PN I deleted this before, intending to move it elsewhere, but never did Version 3. Realistically using opencl means the minimum OSX version targetable is Also using wxwidgets gl component. The amount and size of the buffer is now changed to "new hardware" frienly values and will fall back to the right values if hardware does not support them.

My next commit will be to a branch, with my ogl work. Removes the remaining globals that didn't need to be global, rearranges some code to make more sense, and removes some redundant code. So to compensate lets bring back some speed to the emulation.

Change a little the way the vertex are send to the gpu, This first implementation changes dx9 a lot and dx11 a little to increase the parallelism between the cpu and gpu. The original concept is Marcos idea, with my little touch to make it even more faster. What to look for: Please test it a lot and let me know if you see any problem.

In dx9 the code is prepared to fall back to the previous implementation if your card does not support the amount of buffers needed. So if you did not experience any speed gains you know where is the problem: For the ones with more experience and compression of the code please test changing the amount and size of the buffers to tune this for your specific machine.

The current values are the sweet spot for my machine. All must Thanks Marcos, I hate him for giving good ideas when I'm full of work. Profiling shows that a lot of CPU time is spent checking if there are any JIT blocks covered by these 32 bytes using std:: A bitset check is a lot faster than an std:: Some practical numbers: Only enabled if you check the "Log FPS to file" option in your graphics settings.

Could be improved a bit: Remove some redundant code. Zero GUI option available for setting. I was also running in to this issue in my development. Kudos to plbl4ster to actually taking the time to research this. Closes issue This fixes the problem by using the same condition logic to set the libs as used when detecting SDL in the first place. Edge of Time, Spider-Man: SD, Another Code: This was discussed months ago, but was never implemented for whatever reason.

Fix fifo log playback in dual-core mode. Fixes Avatar: The Last Airbender GC. This reverts commit 0efd4e5cba5f5dade9ccec This reverts commit b4ecacaa86bdc58bcafe0d5. This reverts commit bb4c9edf48fd4caee56c28c92e4. This reverts commit bc07dd52dddaa18b7e23d09bc23be. Brings back the speed lost by rbc Thanks to Lioncash for the patch. The correct convention is to use include SDL. This adds support for drivers supporting sine, square and triangle periodic haptic effects. Fixes the invisible player in THPS3.

Fixes a regression from 8bed27a3d1e3 causing textures to load improperly when a game is run two times in the same Dolphin instance Version 3. Fixes Rogue Squadron 3 in interpreter mode. Fixes the slow speed in Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest. Thanks to pauldacheez for the fix. Thanks to slmpika for the fix. Fixes Knockout Kings If it is, the game is prefetching memory into the data cache, and not loading new code. In these cases, the JIT cache will no longer be flushed.

Fixes the frequent "Clearing code cache" issue in games like "The Last Story". R that was noticed when gx-optimization was merged. Thanks to degasus. Patch by nagosaki. Greatly reduces the number of GL calls per frame. Thanks to degasus for his help! Thanks delroth. Fixes compilation on Linux x Checked whether the code has changed before invalidating it.

Fixes the cut-scenes in Tales of Graces. Now Wii games can be booted using extracted files instead of a disc image. Thanks to wordmanwords for the patch. Fixes the interaction with objects in Another Code R. Right click on a game, Properties, Filesystem tab, then right click on the game partition and select "Check partition integrity".

This may have some false negatives due to the unused clusters heuristic see the comment in VolumeWiiCrypted. False positives are unlikely. Reset the stream playing flag on init. Removed the DTK Music option.

It is now always enabled. Added the response for audio streaming disc offset requests.


Generate an AI interrupt at the end of the audio streaming loop. Fixes Pac-man Fever and the background music in Eternal Darkness. Fixed the erroneous looping in audio streaming games like Eternal Darkness and Zoids: Battle Legends.

.jar – download game java gratis via hp

Thanks for the tip, tueidj. This totally deserves to be a major point for this release. There's been roughly commits between 2. All kinds of stuff from strange UI behavior, crashes, graphical glitches and other sorts of problems were fixed.

For example, many games which didn't boot at all in Dolphin are working fine now. Improvements to the user interface: The configuration dialogs were restructured in a more sensible manner to ease emulator usage for new users. The video config dialog received a complete overhaul and features a description panel for each option now. Various feature additions: This release also features support for the Wiimote speaker, EFB format change emulation, a gfx debugger, audio dumping, and many other stuff Low level DSP emulation: The 2.

Further improvements are better suited as additions in the current infrastructure since this architecture allows for a much better integration with the other parts of Dolphin. Translation support: Recently we introduced supporting for translating Dolphin into any language. However, due to a lack of well-done translations it was decided to only ship a set of eight translations Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish with Dolphin 3.

There have been some performance optimizations especially in the texture decoder , but generally speaking performance decreased in favor of more accurate hardware emulation. Building Dolphin: Rev Lots of code cleanup and the like, as well as the highlights: Dolphin GUI: Fix issues with dialog windows accepting keyboard input. Dolphin Core: Fixed the good 'ol TLBHack, which might fool some games into running again.

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