Ned Beatty at an event for Deliverance () John Boorman at an event for . The film was shot on the Chattooga River in NE Georgia, which borders South. Adapted from James Dickey's popular novel, John Boorman's movie recounts the grueling psychological and physical journey taken by four city slickers. Deliverance () Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty. War Horse Photo Mug Hot Cocoa Gift Basket Michael Morpurgo, Télécharger Films, Movies.

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Lewis, you're gonna kill us both, you son-of-a-bitch, before we ever see any water. Angered, Burt cussed at him and told him to quit calling him Lewis. You don't beat this river. Machines are gonna fail and the system's gonna fail The other three, to various degrees, are unsuited to make the journey. You get in there and can't get out, you're gonna wish it wasn't.

Deliverance Poster Banjos, Film Posters, River, Banjo, Movie Posters,. Visit Deliverance Gave Dueling Banjos a whole new meaning. BanjosFilm. Deliverance () is British director John Boorman's gripping, absorbing action- adventure film about four suburban Atlanta businessmen friends who. The Cahulawassee River valley in Northern Georgia is one of the last natural pristine areas of the state, which will soon change with the.

Intent on seeing the Cahulawassee River before it's dammed and turned into a lake, outdoor fanatic Lewis Medlock takes his friends on a canoeing trip they'll never forget into the dangerous American back-country. John Boorman. James Dickey screenplay , James Dickey novel. From metacritic. Movie and TV Anniversaries for July Want to watch. Best Of The 'S. Share this Rating Title: Deliverance 7.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Top 25 eight-word movie quotes Nominated for 3 Oscars. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Jon Voight Ed Burt Reynolds Lewis Ned Beatty Bobby Ronny Cox Drew Ed Ramey Old Man Billy Redden Lonnie Seamon Glass First Griner Randall Deal Second Griner Bill McKinney Mountain Man Herbert 'Cowboy' Coward Toothless Man Lewis Crone First Deputy Ken Keener Second Deputy Johnny Popwell Ambulance Driver John Fowler Doctor Kathy Rickman Edit Storyline The Cahulawassee River valley in Northern Georgia is one of the last natural pristine areas of the state, which will soon change with the imminent building of a dam on the river, which in turn will flood much of the surrounding land.

Plot Keywords: This is the weekend they didn't play golf. Parents Guide: Edit Details Country: Release Date: Also Known As: Filming Locations: Gross USA: Production Co: Warner Bros. Sound Mix: Color Technicolor. Edit Did You Know? Goofs The boy's banjo is an open-back model used in old-time music, and he plays "claw-hammer" or "drop-thumb" style. During "Dueling Banjos", he plays a resonator banjo, with finger picks, in the more modern three-finger bluegrass style.

Quotes [ first lines ] Lewis: You w- you wanna Lewis, listen - what are you so anxious about this? Because they're buildin' a dam across the Cahulawassee River; they're gonna flood a whole valley, Bobby, that's why. Dammit, they're drownin' a river; they're drownin' a river, man. Crazy Credits The end credits only show the cast and a notice of where the location of the film was shot and the special thanks, which rolls over a shot of Ed and his wife laying down trying to sleep.

Alternate Versions Norwegian and Brazilian cinema version was cut in the rape scene. Connections Referenced in Three's a Crowd: Frequently Asked Questions Q: How did Ed shoot himself with his own arrow? Is the hillbilly on the cliff the same toothless hillbilly they met in the woods? How many days were they on the river?

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Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. First Griner. These are the men who decided not to play golf that weekend. Instead, they sought the river. Lewis lectures his friends and anxiously bemoans the dam construction that will soon destroy the 'damned' or 'dammed' Cahulawassee River and town. He urges his friends to take a ride down the river before a man-made lake will forever flood it: They're gonna flood a whole valley, Bobby, that's why.

Dammit, they're drownin' the river Just about the last wild, untamed, unpolluted, unf--ked up river in the South. Don't you understand what I'm sayin'? They're gonna stop the river up.


There ain't gonna be no more river. There's just gonna be a big, dead lake You just push a little more power into Atlanta, a little more air-conditioners for your smug little suburb, and you know what's gonna happen? We're gonna rape this whole god-damned landscape. We're gonna rape it. His friends Bobby, Ed, and Drew label Lewis' views as "extremist.

The film's major poster declared: Their two cars, Lewis' International Scout 4 x 4 and Drew's station wagon with canoes strapped on top, drive into the hillbilly wilderness to their odyssey's starting point: We're gonna leave Friday, from Atlanta. I'm gonna have you back in your little suburban house in time to see the football game on Sunday afternoon.

I know you'll be back in time to see the pom-pom girls at halftime 'cause I know that's all you care about Yeah, there's some people up there that ain't never seen a town before, no bigger than Aintry anyway. And then those woods are real deep. The river's inaccessible except at a couple of points This is the last chance we got to see this river. You just wait till you feel that white-water under you, Bobby I'll have you in the water in an hour.

The first view of the city-dwelling buddies in the film occurs when the vehicles pull into a junk-littered, backwoods area that appears "evacuated already.

From behind a dilapidated, squalid shanty building, the first primitive hillbilly emerges, suspicious that they are from the power company. Lewis asks the old mountain man Ed Ramey about hiring him to drive their two cars to a point downstream at their landing point of Aintry: We want somebody to drive 'em down to Aintry for us. Hell, you're crazy.


No s--t. Hey, fill that one up with gas, huh, OK? As the mountain man pumps gas, Bobby ridicules the strange man's repulsive look: He is told: They live back over that way. One of the film's highlights is a lively, captivating banjo duel of bluegrass music, "Dueling Banjos" actual title "Feudin' Banjos" - arranged and played by Eric Weissberg with guitarist Steve Mandell.

A deformed, retarded, albino hillbilly youngster Billy Redden on banjo appears on the porch and answers him. Under his breath, Bobby criticizes the cretinous hillbilly boy: Isn't that pitiful? Toward its furious ending, Drew admits to the grinning boy: Drew is obviously disappointed that the boy ignores him. As Lewis drives to the nearby Griner Bros. I don't believe in insurance. There's no risk. Canoe trip?

That's right, a canoe trip.


What the hell you wanna go f--k around with that river for? Because it's there. It's there all right.

You get in there and can't get out, you're gonna wish it wasn't. Ed fears that they have pushed too hard: Lewis, don't play games with these people.

The reflections of leaves from the colorful canopy above shrouds and obscures a clear view of Ed and Lewis through the windshield - the jostling ride frightens Ed: Lewis, you're gonna kill us both, you son-of-a-bitch, before we ever see any water. Sometimes you have to lose yourself before you can find anything A couple more months, she'll all be gone One big dead lake. They finally venture onto the river in two canoes: Drew with Ed, and Bobby with Lewis.

Through the trees, they are observed at the water's edge by the Griners - inhabitants of the area before 'civilization' took over. The neophyte canoers are unsure of their direction: Which way are we goin', this way or that? I think, uh, downstream would be a good idea, don't you? Drew - you and Bobby see some rocks, you yell out now, right?

Lewis, is this the way you get your rocks off? At first, their encounter with the river and nature is peaceful and tranquil as they paddle along - on a sunny day. Above them on a cross-walk bridge high above the placid river, the banjo-playing lad silently but intently watches them - the camera shooting from Drew's perspective.

Before the first of many, increasingly-exciting sequences on the water, Lewis stands upright in the canoe and announces: They are exuberant and euphoric after victoriously navigating the challenging but not overwhelming wild-flowing water - under Lewis' expert instruction. Bobby is thrilled about shooting the rapids: But Ed isn't as certain: The first explorers saw this country, saw it just like us.

I can imagine how they felt. Yeah, we beat it, didn't we?

Did we beat that? You don't beat it. You don't beat this river.

With a high-powered bow-and-arrow fishing rod, Lewis takes aim at a fish, misses and then warns: Machines are gonna fail and the system's gonna fail Who has the ability to survive? That's the game - survive. Lewis remarks that the mild-mannered, secure-in-life Ed has all the comforts of civilization, but does he know how to survive in the wild like a man? His implication to his companion is that only the strong survive: Well, the system's done all right by me.

Oh yeah. You gotta nice job, you gotta a nice house, a nice wife, a nice kid. You make that sound rather s--tty, Lewis.


Why do you go on these trips with me, Ed? I like my life, Lewis. Yeah, but why do you go on these trips with me? You know, sometimes I wonder about that. The comrades camp at night by the river's edge, setting up tents, sitting around a campfire, listening to Drew's guitar playing, drinking beer, and roasting a fish that Lewis has speared. Bobby expresses some appreciation for the virgin river and the wilderness surrounding it: