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USB ADSL MODEM. ADSL for everyone. A very compact solution. All OS supported. The easiest installation and support possible compatible with every DSLAM. The file contains a compressed (or zipped) set of files packing the drivers for Sagem [email protected] /// Modem. In order to make full use of. ADSL-modems Sagem [email protected] / Driver va. Sagem [email protected]

Nom: MODEM SAGEM [email protected] 800-840
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Système d’exploitation: Android. Windows XP/7/10. iOS. MacOS.
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Apr Posts: However, I had a hard disk with Win 98 installed and the modem installs fine there. Changing thr subject a bit.. Well, I was the guy who posted a previous reply on the sagem modem problems with Tiscali Broadband in the UK. Try the driver Eagle-Usb NeoMagic Modem Drivers 1 models. I cant remember the exact links-look for a post by me gazza

Download Driver for Windows for the SAGEM [email protected] / USB ADSL modem Download: support. sagemcom/site/ driver / SAGEM -FastA_4_8. zip 8. Here is a step by step manual guide for SAGEM [email protected] ADSL Modem software installation process on Windows 7 / 8 / / 10 / Vista / XP. 1 Download . Download SAGEM [email protected] for free. SAGEM [email protected] - Driver for Windows for the SAGEM [email protected] / USB ADSL modem.

We still havent recieved confirmation of our termination of contract, or the package to return the modem, etc, and the broadband is still enabled works in Win98 , so I might as well get it working. Exactly which distro are you using btw? I recently got the modem working under linux fedora.

I got some linux drivers from my ISP and had to correct a few source code problems to get the source compiled. The driver immediately worked correctly, but I had some troubles because the DHCP server at tiscali was not willing to respond to the requests that were sent by my linux box.

SAGEM [email protected] ADSL USB Modem Installation problem

Comparing the messages sent with the messages that are exchanged when working with windows XP finally gave the solution and some DHCP options were added. At this moment the network does not configure itself on detection of the adsl link but configuration is still done by hand.


Feel free to pose any questions. Hey man, I didn't do much really, just installed the latest drivers from eagle-usb. P - it still didn't work, but then I went into the Mandrake Control Centre, ran the internet setup wizard thing, and it seemed to work! The first time I got it going it kept dropping the connection, but after a restart it seems to work fine, hasn't lost the connection again Sorry my answer is so vague P I'm running Mandrake 9.

Telecharger driver modem sagem xg 762n gratuit

Hi search for the original sagem driver! I cant remember the exact links-look for a post by me gazza The eagle driver I could not get to work for love nor money!! All i say is replace the. And any files like chap-secrets that are not made just make them and it works!! Search for that poset by me err evil sagem f st i think or something like that.

Errr the control centre will not help lol command line is all I could do with slackware and the official sagem driver bodge heeheh happy hunting. Try the driver Eagle-Usb It worked fine for me. I also had problems with the drivers from sagem.

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User Name. Remember Me? Mar Posts: Hope this helps although if you are lucky you wonn't have an AMD processor and via chipset!!!!!!!! RE the message i just posted giving a solution have to clarify, the machine could SEE the hardware on the device manager list and it said it was working properly, its just that it didnt seem to recognise it as a modem. Well, I was the guy who posted a previous reply on the sagem modem problems with Tiscali Broadband in the UK.

To cut a long story short, I decided to terminate my service with Tiscali as I was never able to get online with them in the first place. Moral of the story Whistler build: Wednesday, December 22, Possible causes: Changing thr subject a bit..

But I I think the previous comments are a bit unfair on Tiscali.. The service was very poor at first A few days later a call from Tiscali about the problem. The email support is very good as well.. Am I an exception??

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OK I've been having a similar problem for the past 2 weeks as follows: At about the same time the UK weather took a turn - i. I have been on several forums but most seem to relate to new users never having successfully setup, or so it seems and I've tried several things like: Anyway, the simple one would be to restore the pc back to a point prior to the MS Office Pro , just in case there's something odd with that install but unfortunately in my quest to try and sort out this mess I deleted past restore points in a system cleanup exercise!

Anyway, the connection is fine now, hence I am able to write this uninterupted, so far.


But at some point I know it'll fail with the same old message. The remedy I seem to have found however, by acident I might add, is simply to pick up the phone and call and wait until the dial tone sounds, wait a few seconds sometimes the line sounds crackly, sometimes not , then put it down again - that seesm to trigger the modem to reconnect and after a few more seconds I'm off again.

Sometimes it works smoother than others.

Sagem [email protected] 800/840/908 3.02

Now to me this suggests somethings up with either the line or the Tiscali service as if it can connect and stay on line without a problem for varying periods of time then the computer, modem etc has proven it can do it, just sometimes something is upsetting the applecart at some point. Aren't these things frustrating! Anyway - Any ideas? Well i've encountered exactly the same as the guy in the last post.

My internet connection just doesnt synchonise until i pick up my phone. Then all of a sudden my connection flashes to green and im able to use internet without problems. It worked fine yesterday night. This morning however it did seem to flip to green, but my browser still wasn't receiving websites.

Didnt have time to check as to why this happened though. This is the weirdest stuff i ever encountered with an internet connection Anyone gat a clue as to why this would happen? I found this site with Google as a friend of mine has a problem 'insufficient USB bandwith' I can't believe this problem goes back to from what I can see from the posts and Tsicali hasn't sorted it out from what I can gather What is the solution to the above problem?

Initial problem of infufficient bandwidth as mentioned above was resolved by adding another filter to the telephone line occupied by his SKY TV. Sony Ericsson Modem Drivers models.


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